Winsom Foundation is a Belizean based non- profit organization founded in 2007. Our Foundation is comprised of a Board and Advisor Group. These individuals are Belizeans and Foreigners with related, relevant work experience and have expertise in areas of need for the┬ácommunity and villages in the surrounding area of the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. Our Foundation Members and Team are deeply committed to the work and goals of the Foundation and to the Children. They have all given significant support in terms of personal time contributions over and above their board and other duties to help us meet each child’s educational goals.
Board of Directors

Winsom Winsom
Founding Principle of the Winsom Foundation, Artist
Ms. Karen Habet
Bank Manager, Scotia Bank (Belize) Ltd
Ms. Marlene Sulker
Practicing RN, BSCN/ Massage Therapist
Sherry Capitant
Scientist, Program Developer, Health and Science Educator
Lavern Vasquez
Community Activist


Mr. Carlton Watson
Canadian Developer, Actor
Mr. Gilvano Swazye
Artist, Curator, Promoter
Mr. William Neal
Writer, Art Enthusiast, Television Personality
Jennifer Loving
Executive Director – Destination: Home
Mr. Shang Mendoza
Belizean Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Philanthropist