A life journey begins

Cristo Rey is a charming village located in the outskirts of San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town, in the Cayo District of beautiful, green Belize. Candid and picturesque, the village is an idyllic retreat, colored by nature and refreshed by mountain breeze. Life in Cristo Rey flows in a natural chant, far from the agitated spirit of city life. Kids in the village are vivacious and full of creative energy, but up until 2005, did not have many opportunities to express their creative vein. In 2005 an artist got involved and was joined in 2007 by a group of philantropists, visionaries and entrepreneurs who came together to form a Foundation that would dedicate all its efforts to transform the world by offering kids opportunities to develop their potential and become a transformative force in our society. Led by renowned Artist Winsom Winsom, the Winsom Foundation is now fully committed to a learning journey that has brought a palette of smiles to children who are ready to paint the universe in a bright new canvas